Restaurant & Bakery

One-Stop Destination for Scrumptious Meals and Baked Treats

Dishes Made From Scratch Everyday—Emma’s Way!

At Emma Krumbee’s restaurant, we aim to help you start each day on the right foot. Early at 6:00 AM, we serve hot brewed coffee and fresh-from-the-oven bread, cinnamon rolls, flavorful muffins, and our signature pecan caramel croissants. You can try one of our hearty breakfasts, and you will find yourself wanting more!

What Makes Emma Krumbee’s a Fine Choice for Dining

Each member of our team believes there are no shortcuts to delivering superior results in meal preparation. For this reason, we make all of our own soups and gravies from scratch. In addition, we leverage our impeccable timing to get our turkey, beef roasts, ribs, and hams in the oven—slow roasting them to perfection. After, we peel, cook, and then mash potatoes expertly.

Delectable Desserts on Display

Don’t skimp on the coup de grace to your dining experience—dessert! Emma Krumbee’s bakes pies, fruit crisps, dessert bars, pastries, and more—all with fresh apples and seasonal berries harvested from our very own 45-acre orchard. Our sweet treats are served at our restaurant and available from our bakery to take home and enjoy with friends and family.